Our Mission

The world changes !

Our chaotic context makes that the demands and needs of citizens, consumers, socialmembers, shareholders, financial partners,... evolve as ever before.

Nexty Galaxy is an atypical strategy agency with a network of 50 best experts.

On of our challenge is to deal at all levels of the social, political, business and global board. 


Our consulting charter based on values of confidentiality, benevolence, ecological transition, education for all, access to care, digital, gender equality and racial equality. It’s signing in each contract.

Master strategy, technology, ecology, image and networks of influence are the conditions for the numbers of brand, leaders, entrepreneurs, project holders, political people survivals.

In the post Covid crisis, being advised by the best experts 4.0 is an unprecedented societal challenge.


Our method is based on the fact that you stay actor of the change and we act in short time.

Emergency is one of our strong expertise.

In the Covid context, the work market accelerate is mutation and it’s a priority to help people and firms to find a new place according to technical evolutions and new needs.


Contact us, we’ll find the best expert that matches your need!

Our team


Stephanie Wismer Cassin


Stéphanie Cassin Wismer is a French serial entrepreneur who founded her first business venture at 23 years old.

She began with her own consultancy firm specializing in crisis management and innovation strategy and she then subsequently developed an array of related technologies, mainly driven by external growth.

Social impact has always been at the heart of Stephanie’s actions, and with the boom in digital economy, it is quite naturally that she created a unique CSR-driven growth approach.

Indeed, in 2012 she launched the 1st social network dedicated to women’s entrepreneurship, followed by a start-ups marketplace in 2015 and an investment program intended for women’s projects in the tech industry in 2016.


Her achievements are celebrated in 2015 as she received the LVMH-Veuve Clicquot  Business Woman Award.

She was invited by J.P Elkabbach on a TV show, who concluded « they will make the 4th industrial revolution ».

Resolutely passionate about the development of human capital and technology, she created in 2017 a foundation « Next » dedicated to children and to the 21st century skills an education program X.0.

She describes her approach in her book: "the Youth Vote", published on June 4th, 2019.


She has also developped a strong international experts network and engaged 50 of them to conduct projects in a lot of domains : health, education, digital, fashion, industry, politic, a.i, agriculture, luxury, aerospace, transport, energy, finance, insurance, (...), who does that Nexty Galaxy is one of the best innovative and strategic consultancy method to succeed in our 4th industrial revolution.


« Think further » is her mantra !

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